Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First Team Run - Chris Sport's Epic Relay 250

Last June 9 - 10, 2012, the team composed of ten (10) members coming from different walks of life dubbed as Pinoy Fitness "Eco Runners" conquered the latest edition of Chris Sports Epic Relay 250km Run.  This epic run started at Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic "then go to the hilly terrain of historical Bataan and the breathtaking uphill climb of Mt. Samat to the small communities of historical coastal Zambales and back to Subic Bay : non-stop running day and night - relay style." -  www.eccp.com

The following are details of the Run:
Race Route: Subic - Bataan - Subic - Zambales- Subic
Terrain: Easy - Moderate - Difficult - Very Difficult
Starting Point & Finishing Line: Subic Bay 
                                                      Total number of hours allowed in the race: Maximum 40 hours
Results of the relay by category
We did finish strong with no injury and with a time of 24 hrs and 57 minutes, 15 hours and 3 mins ahead of the cut off time. Because of this, we placed second overall in the Mixed - Group Category or ranked tenth overall based on the released time. This achievement is not bad for us as first timers.

For making this event possible, I would like to thank Sir Jeff Lo  - the brainchild of this team. Thank you Sir for your unwavering support and confidence for our team. I would like also to thank the support and encouragement shown by Ms Cheryl Castaneda and Ms Rachel Jose from start to the finish line. Worth mentioning too are the drivers - Arnold and Bong - for guiding us accident-free on the road. Of course our sponsors - Ms. Mariel of Nathan and Ms Christine Majadillas for the Gu Gel! Thanks also to Ryan Moral for the photography and to Ryan Maranan for always there to support and give cheers to us while on the road.
PF Eco-Runners posing at R.O.X before embarking on the Epic Run - courtesy of Pinoy Fitness
The members of the team
To my teammates namely: (from top to bottom) Edgar Puruganan, Philip BFMharu Pacana, Coach Elmar "Bob" ToleteCzhel MacogayPeachy Tamayo, Nylah Bautista, Coach Mherlz Lumagbas and Jackie Gutierrez: A million thanks for being part of this team. Rest assured the camaraderie and bonding we have shared will be treasured till the end of time.

To be continued... my account for the run.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My First Free Racekit Run _Pilipinas Darating Ako

Organized by Without Limits
      It was on Valentines Day when I checked my twitter account @Aynoks when I accidentally read Ms  kikayrunner's tweet regarding the mechanics of her free race kit to be given away in line with the following races:  PDA - Pilipinas Darating Ako Fun Run, eyerunmar10 and 143gorunmar10. So, I tried my luck and posted three tweets right away.
Posted Tweets

     It never came to my mind  to win any of the three events. When I opened my yahoo email account on the 17 Feb 12, it was then that I found I won in one of the races. So, I gave my name, birth date, singlet size and later my distance to run as requested.
   This is my first time that I ran with a free race kit courtesy of Ms Kikayrunner.

     When I arrived at the venue, I called for Ms Ida Adesa and was instructed to meet her at their booth. I was given an envelop with singlet and a 5K category bib no. on it. But since I'd like to run in a 10K event, I had the opportunity to swap it with a certain Lolo.

     By the way, for the 10K, the first 100 placers were given freebies (a plastic bag full of Unique toothpaste). Since, I was the 82nd finisher with a time of 49:49 (not official yet), I gave mine to Lolo after seeing him empty handed at the baggage area. He was so grateful. His smile and happiness were contagious. I then felt great watching him.

      These are my overall observations on the run:
      1. It started on time as scheduled.
      2. A pre-requisite warm-up exercises was rendered by kikayrunner and two others.
      3. Route marks and km markers were quite visible.
      4. Enough hydration drinks (water and pocari sweat)
      5. Friendly and courteous marshals. Some of them offered high-fives.
      6. Very affordable, yet, freebies were available.
      7. Tarps and other similar banners were abundant.
      8. Post-race area was too narrow. It was congested.

Good vs Bad  comments = 7 vs 1

 This simply implies that the organizer - without limits production - has done an excellent job. KUDOS...

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Full Marathon (FM) Debut - Condura Skyway Marathon 2012

          For me, one can't call himself/herself a full-fledged runner unless he/she runs for a full marathon (42.195km).

           Well, running a marathon was not my goal when I started joining organized road races in the middle of last year. My first salvo running was a 10K run. My goal then was simply to get rid of my excess body fats in preparation for a five-month course which actually started on 15 Aug and ended on 16 Dec 2011. However, as I have continued joining fun runs/road races, I have developed a feeling of wanting more to test my limits. Hence, the idea of joining a marathon crossed my mind.

       To prepare myself for this ultimate goal, early this year, I have participated in the PSE Bull Run 2012 last 08 January where I logged about 01:47:17 in the supposedly 21K (short of 800m based on GPS of my friends). Anyway, I was glad to get sub-2 to this event. 
PSE Bull Run 2012 21K Results

  With this result and with my last year's running experiences, I felt ready to engage in a FM.
   Through Pinoy Fitness Forum I was able to know about this Condura Skyway Marathon (CSM) Run for the Mangroves. So, I registered at Riovana, Bonifacio Global City where the staff personnel placed me at Wave C.
     To prepare this marathon, I was thinking of running from my house going to my office which is about 30km away. That plan never materializes due to inevitable circumstances and self-initiated reasons. What I did for  my preparation was simply to run  a 5K or 10K twice a week for 30mins to 1 hr period. Though there are times of the week where there is no run at all. 
The Running Pilot and his wife (courtesy of Sir Iking)
       Since the actual run would start on the eve (12am) of 05 Feb, I have planned also to rest the whole afternoon, a day before. Again, this did not also materialize due to exigency of the service where in we have to make overtime works to meet deadlines. 
              To cut the story short, I have arrived early at the start area where I met some of my friends who are also bloggers - The Running Pilot with his lovely wife and Runner's Toe with Pinoy Fitness (PF) peeps.                                                            
           The event was very electrifying. There was a remote controlled chopper with an attached video camera that hovers approximately 300 ft above ground level (AGL). We were informed that due to the hugeness of the event, the organizers have employed four (4) emcees, one at the mock up stage, one at the starting line, one at the finish line and the last one at the send-off line.
PF peeps taken by Runner's Toe

            The 42K runners were grouped into four waves (Wave A to D). While observing how the Wave A and B runners started, I began to formulate my plan on how to finish this event. My goal time for this run is to get sub 4:30 minutes. To realize this, my initial plan was just to run at my own relax mode pace until the "half mary" (21K) mark and then run to the finish line in a 5:30min per kilometer pace. However, I violated this strategy. I can't bear the thought being over-taken by older than me and even lady runners, that's why, I have increased my tempo a little bit higher which lead me to overtake a number of runners. This technique paid me dearly because at the 23K mark, my both legs began to develop cramps. For this, I stopped running at 24K mark and began to walk for about 300m and stretched my legs. That stretching somewhat helped my recovery so I started to run again. This time, I ran a bit slower and accepted the fact the other runners were just stronger and faster than me. Every hydration station leading to the finish line after the 25K mark, I stopped and drink at least two glasses of water. Then I run again, walk again and run again. 
          When I saw the 36K mark, I was thinking to run at a faster mode for the last 5K, say 5:00min/km pace. And, that's what I did. I began to run like hell at 37K mark going to the finish line and had overtaken a number of runners who had previously overtaken me. But at 41K mark, I stopped again because I couldn't bear the muscle pain in my left leg. For this, I made some stretching and wished that I bring with me some pain relievers i.e. efficascent oil or omega pain killer. When I felt okay, I ran as fast as I can for the last one kilometer up to the finish line. I was able to overtake two runners and was overtaken by a faster runner 50m away to the finish line. Upon finishing the race, I raised my both hands and look at the sky and said HWWAHHHH! I made it. I was given a bottle of Summit mineral water and 100plus energy drink and was told to proceed at the staging area to claim my medal and loot bag.
       Based on the Official Results, I ranked 301st out of the registered 1, 610 42K runners. Not bad for my FM debut.

       Even though I was not able to get my goal time  of  sub 4:30:xx, I'm still happy and felt contented for the simple reason that I was able to conquer my limits. Besides, I was able to add new circle of friends.
       In this run, "I have started slow and finished strong".  My rookie mistake here was when I increased my running tempo just to catch up those runners who have overtaken me. Nevertheless, running a marathon for a novice like me is worth gratifying. I am now proud to say now that I am a full-pledged runner.

        My next goal is to run a 42K trail run/trail marathon. Like for instance, this link 1st Mt Ugo Trail Marathon.
with Cariz aka Runlover at the baggage area
With Runiacs, runlover and Daniel of PF

Friday, January 20, 2012

Road Races in 2011

         Hi! I am  Runnox. This name is a combination of my newly found passion and my nickname. To know more about me, kindly click my google+ profile.
        This blog is all about running. I started my first road race in 29 May 2011 in  "I Run for Integrity" where in I ran for 10K. Then, I followed it up with a 21K trail run dubbed as Merrell Adventure Run - June-18-2011 .

          Hereunder are my past fun runs/road races for CY 2011:

19 May 2011  - I Run for Integrity  - 10K - 01:00:54 
18 Jun 2011   - Merrell Adventure    - 21K - 03:20:42
03 Jul 2011     - Yamaha Run for Heroes   - 21K - 02:13:16
17 Jul 2011    - Pocari Sweat  Run           - 10K - 54:39
24 Jul 2011    - Rexona Run                                         - 21K - 02:15:36
21 Aug 2011  - Run United 2 UNILAB             - 21K - 02:03:04
28 Aug 2011   - 2nd Ave Earth Run         - 21K - 01:57:47
18 Sep 2011   - AXN  Run Philippines                  - 21K - 01:59:42
06 Nov 2011  - Chevrolet/New Balance Power Run     - 25K - 02:28:31
13 Nov 2011  - Run United 3 UNILAB  - 32K - 03:19:55
27 Nov 2011  - Camp Run Series - CGEA         - 10K - 49:31
04 Dec 2011  - QC Int'l Marathon       - 10K - 50:30
11 Dec 2011  - 35th Milo Marathon Finals        - 21K - 01:59:15
18 Dec 2011  - Run for Change 2                          - 10K - 49:27
30 Dec 2011  - 3rd Rizal Day  32K Run   - 32K - 03:20:24